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Inspired by the differences between the idyllic Danish coastal culture and modern life in the urban areas, LAKOR’s mission is to connect the two worlds and make the coastal culture street.

Our goal is to prod your creativity, rethink sustainability and inspire you to explore places with weak Wi-Fi signal.


All graphic designs in this collection are made by our designer Lasse Kornum. He is our designer exactly because he thrives in the outdoors. Neither wind nor heavy rain can bring him to his knees. This is also why the drawing of the blue-footed booby bird is drawn under a pent roof when Lasse was caught off guard by a torrential downpour.
Long live the creative dedication!

Waves, Wind and Waders

The inspiration behind this collection was found at our friends at Skagen Museum. This Danish culture institution dares to put nostalgia into a modern context which is why you will find re-makes of their paintings with statements such as: “Get Fish or Die Trying”, “Lystfisk Hustlers” and “I <3 Udkantsdanmark”.


Adventure comes in many different sizes. Regardless of whether your adventure is to row your boat gently down the stream or to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a dinghy, we are behind you all the way. Our only desire is to poke your adventurousness and inspire you to go where the wi-fi is weak.


All T-shirts and sweatshirts from this collection are made of organic cotton. The collection also presents shirts made of organic cotton and BCI cotton. The remaining products are made out of materials that are known to be durable and therefore sustainable over time. When you have worn off the product and decide to give it a rest, you can simply return them to one of our stores. We will make sure to recycle them via our Pant-system and at the same time as ensuring it being recycled give you a credit for your very next Lakor item.