Inspired by the differences between the idyllic Danish coastal culture and modern life in the urban areas, LAKOR’s mission is to connect the two worlds and make the coastal culture street.
Our goal is to prod your creativity, rethink sustainability and inspire you to explore places with weak Wi-Fi signal.

Æxplore a world of birds

Bird is the word of this collection. You will meet a wide selection of bird species ranging from seagulls and sandpipers to plastic flamingos. Observing these beach birds on our holidays has inspired a collection that will make you want to wear khaki and buy a pair of binoculars.


All T-shirts and sweatshirts from this collection are made from organic cotton. There are shirts made out of tencel, shorts made of recycled plastic and the remaining products are made from materials that are durable and sustainable over time. When you are done using the products you can return them to one of our stores. We will make sure to recycle them via our Pant-system and at the same time give you credit for your next LAKOR item.